Hair under there - 4 Steps to taking care of you hair while wearing a weave

Shh...I have a secret.....I don't love dealing with my own hair. I would be the first to admit, one of the main reasons I love wearing weaves and wigs is it gives both me and my natural hair a much needed break from the daily washing, de-tangling etc.  One of the challenges of wearing my natural hair is the unpredictability of what my morning routine will result in. Will my wash and go look more like a wash and no, will my natural flat ironed hair revert with residual steam from the shower, or will the morning humidity make me want to crawl back into bed. There are just too many unknowns. Hair extensions and wigs gives me options. And while I am girl who loves options, when I take out my weave or toss my wig off, I need to feel just as confident with my own  head of healthy hair.  So I wanted to share a few tips on how you can care for your hair while wearing a weave.

1. It's so hard to say goodbye - I am guilty of holding on to an install for a little longer than I should. It can be hard when you get that perfect install, with the perfect amount of leave out and layers cut to the the high heaven. However it is important that you don''t leave your hair in too long. We recommend that you do not go more then 8-12 weeks before uninstalling and re-installing. This will help prevent your natural hair from becoming tangled, matted and or knotted up. 

2. Clean, Clean, Clean - It is a fact that healthy hair grows from a healthy scalp. So it is important you wash your hair on a consistent basis. You should wash your hair at least once a week but definitely no less than every two weeks. 

TIP: Put diluted shampoo into a squeeze bottle and  apply the shampoo in between your tracks and right on to you scalp.  This will also help to make sure that the your hair rinses clean and avoids build up. 

3.Condition and Moisturize - Moisture is so important to your hair. To keep it from drying out and becoming brittle under your weave, you want to make sure to condition. You can use the same squirt bottle trick to get the conditioner on your braids.  Make sure your rinse well to to prevent buildup. 

4. Before and After- This last step is also the first step to your next install. Making sure your hair is in the best condition possible before getting a weave will help to reduce any breakage or damage. A good deep conditioning and/or treatment as needed is recommended. After taking out your weave, you should consult with your stylist on any additional treatments that may be needed to ensure your hair is strong and healthy.

These are the very basics but following these guidelines will help to make sure that you have healthy hair under there.

21st Nov 2014

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